Chryssa Spiridonos was born in Athens on a sunny spring day in 1978.


A great number of famous and notorious scientists have claimed that most likely she started drawing in 1977 and while still inside her mother’s warm belly.


At school she was the best, in making doodles on all her books and notebooks.


Ever since she was little she was dreaming of becoming… first a lawyer defending the innocents, a doctor to all these poor puppies that had a limp, a storyteller but only for happy ending ones and then a world famous singer. Nevertheless, drawing was always her passion. Therefore, she studied at Ornerakis School of Cartoon & Animation, somehow got into graphic design & advertising and finally got involved in illustrating children’s books!


She is a keen believer that you have to follow your dreams no matter what! In her spare time…she still believes that she can make it as a singer!